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Dealing with Daily Disruptions: Personal Challenges

Personal challenges: We all have them! What personal challenges are you facing today?  Do you have a sick child and you must work? Are you in a nasty divorce that is dragging you down and still you try to put on a happy face at work? Is someone you love dying and you...

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Let this be the Moment!

Dear Women Friends, I am thinking of you and how the world needs your brilliance, your genius, your guidance, your “know how,” and your love in 2022. This is the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope and I hear this means that it is a year to “go for it”...

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Prepping for Vitality in the New Year!

Happy Holidays! I wish you and your families a break with time to do what you want. Time for renewal and revitalization is essential to starting the New Year with vitality. However, at this time of the year, many women I know...

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Autumn Longings

In the Fall, as the air cools and the bird chorus sings, we begin planning for our trip to the beach in Montauk, New York.  My husband gets his fishing equipment together and I get my coloring books and fashion magazines, and we make the drive in one day starting...

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