Why Work with Me?

“You’ve got it all. You can help me with my business challenges, becoming a better global leader, and being able to balance all that with my marriage and family responsibilities.”

Carrie Rich, CEO, Global Good Fund: www.globalgoodfund.org

Our highest calling as women is to grow and deepen into our authentic selves, live our authentic lives, and share our gifts to make the world a better place. This has been the story of my life. Seeking myself, seeking my spirit, striving to live my life and not the life I was programmed to live by family, work, and cultural norms, and to use my gifts to lead and help others along the way.
I have been a teacher, a marriage and family therapist, an executive coach, and a global entrepreneur leading a global executive coaching company with 300 executive coaches in 75 countries. Now it is my passion to help other women throw off constraints, be themselves, and accomplish what matters to them. This could mean leading their lives, their organizations, their businesses, or their governments more effectively.

If you long to live your authentic life and lead from an authentic place, I can help you honor that longing by helping you:

  1. Meet you in your moment and help you learn from your experience and address whatever is on your mind
  2. Define your strengths and gifts
  3. Eliminate or minimize the personal, organizational, and societal obstacles holding you back
  4. Develop the courage and self-confidence to use your strengths to share your gifts as a leader
  5. Open a doorway to a future where you can be more and do more than you ever imagined

Working with me, you become the Heroine of your Leadership Journey by:

  • Tapping into your authentic self
  • Getting unstuck by making meaning of where you are in your process and facing your fears
  • Mining your soul’s longings and your heart’s desire
  • Minimizing or eliminating the predictable societal, organizational, and individual barriers to women’s success as leaders
  • Playing a bigger game to have more influence and impact.
  • Getting that promotion
  • Leading that diverse team
  • Finding space for yourself

Book a 30-minute meeting with me to assess if you want to work with me: https://calendly.com/barriez/30-minute-meeting


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