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I coach women organizational leaders, often in global roles, and entrepreneurs to grow and deepen their understanding of themselves, others, and their organizational systems so they can achieve their leadership potential in a world that cries out for their leadership. Women work with me to think things through, maximize their strengths, and get to the root causes of the societal, organizational, and individual barriers to their success. My coaching, mentoring, and leadership development programs help women eliminate or minimize these barriers and succeed as leaders in their families, their organizations, and their businesses.

I’m an American who lived and worked in Beirut, Lebanon, Amman, Jordan, and Taipei, Taiwan as an educator, therapist to the expatriate community, and nanny to the Jordanian Royal Family. When I returned to the United States, I became a marriage and family therapist and helped hundreds of women, couples, and families in New York and Maryland. When I started coaching, I observed that leaders in global roles needed competencies beyond what coaching could offer. To meet that need, I built a global executive coaching company operating in 75 countries and trained coaches to coach to the specific needs of global leaders. I sold that company in 2019.

I started power lifting at the age of 70 and am now a Maryland State Champion. I’m writing two books. One is a story based on my life as an expatriate in Beirut, Lebanon when I was 29. The second book was inspired by my daughter. She says I am fiercely courageous and that I help her and others live their lives that way too. I’m telling stories of when I was courageous in the midst of challenging times.

I love fashion, travel, beachcombing, and collect sea glass which I use to make jewelry. I love spending time at home with my husband and our pups Megan and Sydney and being with my fabulous adult daughter.

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Me with a fellow lifter and my coach. John Flagg.

Me with the Barbellas, my powerlifting buddies.


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