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Caherdaniel, Ireland

Barrie Zucal

Global Entrepreneur, Founder of Global Coaches Network with 300 coaches working in 100 countries. Confident, Bad Ass Leader

Coach/Mentor to women organizational leaders and entrepreneurs, former marriage and family therapist, former Nanny to the Royal Family of Jordan, Champion powerlifter.

My mission is to ensure that women leaders eliminate or minimize the societal, organizational, and personal barriers to achieving their leadership potential and personal power and passion.

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Why Work with Me?

Our highest calling as women is to grow and deepen into our authentic selves, live our authentic lives, and share our gifts to make the world a better place. This has been the story of my life. Seeking myself, seeking my spirit, striving to live my life and not the life I was programmed to live by family, work, and cultural norms, and to use my gifts to lead and help others along the way.

How I Can Help

Coaching for Women Organizational Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Organizations desperately need the talent of women leaders. However, only 35% of women mid-level managers make it to senior leadership.

Amplify Your Voice and Presence

This program is designed for women who are tired of not being heard in meetings, who want to support other women’s voices, and change the gender dynamics in their work systems, and maybe even in their families.

Genogram Coaching – Family Influence on Leadership Behaviors

Using a genogram is like going into the attic, opening boxes, and finding a treasure.


“Barrie is an exceptionally smart coach. I had the pleasure of working with her for 2 years while she guided me through a particularly tough time in my career. I was particularly impressed with her ability to help me to find my confidence by validating me, helping me expand my perspectives on situation, the people involved and my options for leadership behavior.  She also redirected me whenever I was headed down a dicey path. She is warm, empathetic, and has a great sense of humor, while simultaneously giving great, ‘no-nonsense’ advice. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in finding a satisfying path at work and in life.”

– Managing Director, European Pharmaceutical Company

I met Barrie at a Lean In event at Tysons Corner, VA and I knew right away she was going to be an important and helpful presence in my life. The good thing about being in your darkest hour is that you can very well tell when you see the light in front of you, and Barrie was my light.

At the time I was going through arguably the most difficult period of my life, from a professional and personal standpoint. I was then reporting to a verbally and psychologically abusive Manager, my beloved father had just passed away and with a small baby at home and a lot of pressure to stay on track with my professional goals I felt like I was drowning. Barrie offered very supportive and insightful career advice. She gave me the courage and strength to utilize the resources available to me in order to move forward and away from a sickening situation.

Barrie and I connected every two weeks or so, and every piece of advice she has given to me is always on my mind and most importantly in my heart. See, Barrie’s gift goes beyond coaching. Her wit and intelligence offer her coachees the perspective, guidance and practical tools that would not come to us otherwise. Barrie loves helping others. You are not just a job for her, you are a mission. Thank you, Barrie for all that you do!

– Laura Hill, Consultant for major consultancy, Washington D.C.

Barrie’s coaching has helped me improve my managerial effectiveness as I moved through a major career transition over the last six months.  We started working together shortly before I accepted a promotion into a new assignment, which also meant repatriation back to the US after several years overseas.  Working with Barrie I was able to develop a successful plan for “re-entry,” enhancing my ability to deal with culture shock and a completely new set of colleagues and professional challenges.  Her coaching, a blend of the theoretical and the practical, has helped me stay “on track” as I ramp in my new job, as I am able to apply something to my daily routine from each of our sessions.

– Amy Rubin, Channel Marketing Manager, Intel

I worked with Barrie Zucal just after returning to work after the birth of our son. Barrie was instrumental in assisting me in the transition from full-time work to part-time work. She assisted me with balance and with the shift in my priorities. Specifically, Barrie helped me recognize opportunities for delegation and how to transition leadership from myself to others in the tax department. She helped me recognize how my desire to please sometimes conflicted with my ability to handle client situations such as billing disputes to being asked to do work that is better suited for someone other than their CPA to handle.

Barrie was a great sounding board and helped me sort through issues and come up with a game plan. She introduced me to new management styles. Finally, Barrie also provided a lot of affirmation. When you get to upper management, you generally don’t get a lot of kudos. Barrie affirmed my instincts. Coaching was a great experience that will benefit me for years to come.

– Robin Makar, partner, Clifton Gunderson LLP

I called on Barrie Zucal at Global Coaches Network when I knew that E*Trade Financial would be upgrading their services globally.  I consulted with Barrie when we were in the process of developing our new  management development program which includes delivering training in several regions worldwide.  Barrie was immediately responsive meeting with me in person to understand our current needs and the future outcomes we expect to achieve.  In response, Barrie used a very helpful cultural preference assessment to help me see where I would have to shift my style and approach to be most effective training our E*trade leadership worldwide.  She also connected me with other professionals at Global Coaches who met with me to prepare me to present in specific counties in the European Union and Asia.

Recently I contacted Barrie again to use her network to prepare one of our American leaders and his team to interface with their colleagues in India.  As usual, her response time was prompt and her understanding of our needs immediate, and the prices reasonable.  I count on Barrie herself locally and the Global Coaches Network worldwide to make it easier for us at E*trade to work effectively worldwide.

– Heather Wyatt, Human Resources Director E*Trade

“When I worked with Barrie, she provided assessments and valuable tools to raise awareness of blind spots. I am now better aware of and more confident in my leadership, what I bring to an organization, and how to communicate these abilities in an assertive way. Thank you, Barrie, for all you did for me during this time of intensive change.”

– Anneliese Davis, Planned Parenthood

“Barrie is an expert in multiple disciplines (coaching, counseling, global business and networking) which makes her input invaluable during transitions in a dynamic career and life.”

– Sabra Ehrhart, Ehrhart Consulting

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