An Invitation on my 77th Birthday!

by | Nov 14, 2022

Hello Dear Women Friends and Colleagues and and those who support them!

Today is my 77th birthday. In celebration of my birthday, I’m inviting you to join me as a member of the Women Giving Circle at The Global Good Fund. The women in the WGC are powerhouse women who support women social entrepreneurs with their expertise, the power of their purse, and their connections. Your membership will support the development of a woman social entrepreneur in their 2023 cohort. The women in the Women’s Giving Circle are powerhouse women like you who support other women with their resources, expertise, and their networks. I am so inspired and uplifted by this group. it is the most positive space you will ever encounter! There are no obligations to participate, so no stress, but great inspiration and support if you do. If you are a woman in business, being a member of this group takes networking leading to opportunity to a whole new level.

I’ve served Global Good Fund as a business mentor to women entrepreneurs who are bringing clean water to families in Africa, raising the self-esteem of children worldwide from Houston, and building business incubators in Central and south America, as an advisor, and a coach to senior staff.  Other women entrepreneurs are revolutionizing menstrual hygiene in India, striving to end commercial textile waste, and much more. At my giving page you can read more about how these women are creating businesses that solve problems in education, climate change financial inclusion, health, and education and create jobs.

If membership isn’t for you now, there are many options for giving to help me reach my $10,000.00 goal. Have a look here at my giving page to learn more: If you want to know more, just give me a call at +1.240.305.7508 or email me at you for your consideration! Every contribution will be acknowledged and appreciated!

Grateful for your consideration!



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