Let this be the Moment!

by | Jan 11, 2022

Dear Women Friends,

I am thinking of you and how the world needs your brilliance, your genius, your guidance, your “know how,” and your love in 2022.

This is the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope and I hear this means that it is a year to “go for it” after February 10-14, 2022. This is a moment in history where space is opening for women to emerge and speak out, gather to commit to their own purposes and be part of a greater movement that uplifts the status of women worldwide and enables opportunity for women and families.

Are you hearing a call to be a part of this time and to do something great? I believe that the call you hear, the stir of excitement you feel is the call of your spirit manifesting your longings to shine your light in the world!

The calling may appear as a longing or a passion for justice toward others including nature, people, and animals. You will hear the calling because it won’t leave you alone. It will continue to nudge you once you give yourself the space to tap into your divine connection or source or spirit, or God or whatever you want to call it.

I don’t want anything to distract you from hearing your call. Often, women have challenges letting go of cultural programing to be a “good woman” who serves others or takes care of others and focuses on the needs of others while they ignore their own. Caring for others isn’t wrong. It is noble, in fact. However, when women sacrifice their own lives, rather than prioritizing themselves, the cost of service is too great and becomes debilitating.

Another distraction could be that you are too concerned about what others think of you. fear this concern will halt your momentum and constrain your dreams. Who should determine what you think of yourselves and what you do? Only you. Let this be the moment you will deal with your fear of standing out and shift to become more outspoken and more outstanding.

I fear you will neglect your true passions in pursuit of intellectual excellence and high performance both of which you are good at and will be rewarded for. While it is seductive and appealing to be an expert, working hard, and accomplishing so much, this pursuit may exhaust your energy and habitually distract you from living joyfully with enthusiasm for what matters most to you.

Let this be the moment when you name those people who nurture and support you and stay in relationship with them. Also name those people who don’t support you, those who you overextend yourself supporting, and those who drain your energy just being around them. Let go of those people. No dramatic endings. If you don’t tend the relationship, it will tend to fade away. Simple as that. You have the right to surround yourself with those who brighten your life where and where there is mutual love and support.

Let this be the moment where you dedicate yourself to living your authentic life – the one life that is truly yours. Consider a creating a sacred space, to connect with your true self, and create time to sit there daily. Even 5 minutes a day will help. Ask your questions, wait for answers, acknowledge your fears, receive comfort, and get input from your divine source. Remember, answers come in divine time, not your time. Still, I believe that prayer and meditation and consistency in relation to your spiritual life will lead to clarity and assurance that you are on your own true path.

Happy New Year!


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