Dealing with Daily Disruptions: Personal Challenges

by | Apr 11, 2022

Personal challenges: We all have them!

What personal challenges are you facing today?  Do you have a sick child and you must work? Are you in a nasty divorce that is dragging you down and still you try to put on a happy face at work? Is someone you love dying and you are powerless to do anything about it?  is your child ill with a debilitating disease?

I’m facing a procedure tomorrow that requires that I don’t eat solid foods all day and tomorrow until I have the procedure. This brings up issues that I have around food – especially my fear of not getting enough. Its only one day, I tell myself. People choose to fast to cleanse their systems, I remind myself. This is a good thing. Still, I experience the fear I had as a child when food was limited. I anticipate a day of demons regarding food and I want to get through the time between now and that procedure. I also entertain the possibility that this day will be better than I imagined.

Take charge of personal challenges! Every challenge is a threshold to growth and healing.

I find that most women can do their work and plan for their careers even if they find it hard to advocate for themselves. It’s these personal issues that distract them or impede them from achieving their work and career goals. This is where I come in. With my background as a therapist, executive coach, and global entrepreneur, I help women minimize or eliminate those personal distractions so they can move forward in their careers and their lives.

Today I’m helping myself. I’m using my knowledge, insight, planning capabilities, and perspective setting so I’m not derailed by my feelings related to hunger today.

  • I planned: I bought all the foods I can have and prepared them, so I don’t have to wait to eat them when I get hungry.
  • I gave myself permission: to take the day off so I can pass the time doing things I like to do that calm me such as reading books and magazines, napping, writing, and watching TV.
  • I gave myself perspective: It’s only a day and a half and then you can resume your regular food plan. Hopefully, you will know you are free and clear of a cancer afterward.
  • I considered this day in a spiritual context: Move as the Spirit moves you. If I want to clean a cabinet, I’ll do it. If I want to take walk and listen to Dowop music, I’ll do it.
  • I affirm myself just as my friends at the gym would if I were going today: You’ve got this, Barrie! You can do it!
  • I’m put it all in writing in this piece: my plan is on paper which makes it more likely I will achieve it.
  • I will check in on my emotions periodically today and use them as a feedback system to see what I can learn from this experience that will help me heal.

I don’t know what challenges you face today, but I know that we all have them. I’m hoping that planning, permission, perspective, spiritual context, affirmations, writing it down, and learning from your emotions will help you to be less distracted, and able to live each day with intention and good spirit.


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