Genogram Coaching – Family Influence on Leadership Behaviors

After Ann married, she prepared a ham for her and her husband. As her husband watched, she took a knife and cut off the end of the ham and threw it in the garbage. “Why did you cut the end of the ham and throw it away?”, he asked. She said, “I don’t know, but my mother and grandmother always did it that way.”

At the next family party, Ann asked her mother why she cut off the end of the ham and threw it away. Her mother said that she didn’t know, but Grandma always did it that way. Ann, her mother, and husband went looking for Ann’s grandmother. When the found her, they asked the question. “When you prepare ham, why do you cut off the end of the ham and throw it away? She replied, “The pot was too small.”

This is the way it is in families. We learn what to do, how to think, feel, and behave from our family members who learned it from their family members. This way of being becomes our default way. Sometimes our learned behavior supports our success as women leaders and sometimes it limits the full expression of our leadership potential.

Creating a genogram, a three or more-generation family tree with psychological detail makes it easy for women leaders to see complex patterns, cultural history, rules and beliefs, role assignments, power dynamics, resilience themes, stories, etc. This leads to a deeper understanding of their current behavior, what drives them, what triggers them, intergenerational strengths, leadership behavior between men and women in relationship with each other. This understanding frees the leader to chose default behavior or new and more authentic ways of operating.

Before I became a global leadership coach and serial global entrepreneur, I was a marriage and family therapist. I used genograms with couples and families which led to fascinating “ahas”, inner knowing, a freedom to make changes.

The Virtual Genogram Coaching Program for Woman Leaders: 10 sessions:

  1. Define desired outcomes for the leader from the coaching program.
  2. Collect information for the genogram.
  3. Explore information in the genogram including identifying patterns, finding strengths, talents, gift, limiting beliefs or assumptions.
  4. Trace the relationship between learned behavior and leadership behavior.
  5. Determine new leadership behaviors and practice them.
  6. Create a supportive community while implementing new leadership behaviors.
  7. Assess impact of changes on confidence, speaking, influencing, and leadership success.

10 one-hour sessions …………………………………………………………. $1,900.00 

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