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Last August, I sold Global Coaches Network, am executive coaching company developing global leaders in 75 countries that I founded fourteen years before. Since then, I’ve been planning to continue my mission to develop bad ass women organizational leaders and entrepreneurs who are courageous and bold as they create the lives, businesses, organizations and world where they want to live.

I am also collaborating with the fabulous Tara Jenkins, a former International Vice President of Human Resources, to create a global community of women organizational leaders and entrepreneurs.  Check us out at “Broad Views” our Linked in company page.  https://www.linkedin.com/company/broadviews/ Broad Views is a global community space, where women leaders and entrepreneurs can network, share their collective wisdom on the challenges of living and leading during Coronavirus and “reset” to become stronger and more confident leaders post pandemic.

Join the Broad Views Global Women’s Community Call on July 7 at 9am EDT! Topic: Close your Confidence Gap! Lead with Courage and Confidence. Register here!  This community is for women who are willing to lead themselves, their families, their communities, their organizations, and their nations to create a better world during and post pandemic! 

Wishing you courage during this demanding time!

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