I’m Speaking: Coaching to Amplify Your Voice

I’m Speaking: Coaching to Amplify Your Voice

I was impressed with the presence of Kamala Harris, the new American Vice president, during a debate with then Vice President Mike Pence. When he tried to bombard her with interruptions while she was talking, she stopped and said, “I’m speaking” asserting her presence and her voice and basically telling him to back off so she could finish. She didn’t say, “Please, I’m trying to talk.” She didn’t say ‘Excuse me, I want to finish.” She didn’t use words asking him to excuse her behavior or ask permission and she didn’t call him out. She simply said, “I am speaking.”

A study done by Catalyst, an organization that works to ensure workplaces work for women, found that 45% of American women working on Zoom during the Covid crisis feel that they can’t speak up or more precisely they are not being heard. What used to happen in person is now happening on Zoom. Women are being talked over, ignored, interrupted, mansplained to, or men are taking over their ideas. Nothing new.

However, the consequences for women and organization are dire.  

  • Women are systematically seen as less authoritative.
  • Women feel they don’t belong.
  • Gender biases still shape the rules of social engagement.
  • Organizations are missing out on almost 50% of ideas and perspectives that could mean money and growth to the organization. 

Still, it is challenging for women to break gender norms for society by insisting they be heard. This program, I’m Speaking: Coaching to Amplify Your Voice, is designed for women who are tired of not being heard in meetings, who want to support other women’s voices, and change the gender dynamics in their work systems, and maybe even in their families.

If you learn to Amplify your Voice, you may experience the following outcomes:

  • Lead in establishing the rules for communication.
  • Speak rather than silencing yourself.
  • Comment immediately if you are interrupted or talked over, etc.
  • Know how to craft a message in a difficult situation or meeting.
  • Feel free from the societal norms for “good women” in your culture.
  • Stop asking permission with words like “sorry or excuse me”.
  • Develop comfort with your authoritative presence.
  • Support other women speaking up.
  • Cease rescuing others from their feelings.
  • Shift from fearful to powerful.

Don’t waste one more second waiting to be heard or recognized!  Your organization and your world needs your contribution!

One half hour: Quick help with one situation………………..$125.00

One hour: Dive deeper into one situation, come away with a strategy for handling this kind of situation whenever it comes up again………………..$225.00

6 session package: 6 one-hour meetings designed to help you tackle the problem in the present, make significant changes so that you amplify your voice and ensure you are heard………………..$1,275.00

10 session package: 10 one-hour sessions to create sustainable change in you, ensure you are heard, develop your presence, intentionally support other women, and promote gender equitable behavior in meetings and in your organization………………..$1,500.00

Fees include customized coaching/mentoring, and materials.

If the fee is too high for you, make me an offer.

Book with me to learn more: https://calendly.com/barriez/30-minute-meeting

If you want to form a coaching group of women and work together to amplifying your voices and support each other, I would be glad to work with you. The ideal size is 5-8 women. Book with me to discuss group coaching at https://calendly.com/barriez/30-minute-meeting

For more information on my speaking availability and topics, contact me at barriez@barriezucal.com.

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