THE BIG RESET: Women leaders worldwide in conversation, creating the new world during and post pandemic, June 2, 9am EDT

by | May 26, 2020


I hope this blog finds you healthy, well, and in good spirits during this demanding time! 

This great pause, as some are calling this Coronavirus time, is demanding that we women step up as leaders – not just in the immediate crisis, but to create and enact a post pandemic vision that is better for our families, our organizations, and our world.  Broad Views is a global community of women leaders created by Tara Jenkins, founder of Conscious Revolution and former International Vice President of Human Resources and me, Barrie Zucal, global entrepreneur and founder of Global Coaches Network operating in 75 countries.

If you are a woman leader or woman entrepreneur, we invite you to join the community conversation on June 2, at 9am EDT, 3pm CET, 9pm CST, 10am Rio de Janeiro, 2pm London, 3pm Amsterdam & Cape Town, 5pm Dubai, 6:30 Bangalore, 9pm Shanghai, for the first of a series of facilitated discussions to share our collective wisdom on leading and learning during a pandemic, removing or eliminating the barriers that women leaders face, and using your power and passion for good as a woman leader.

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Tara and I support women organizational leaders and entrepreneurs to tap into their natural power to lead their best lives, their organization, and their world through coaching, facilitated discussions, ongoing wisdom seeking, and helping them eliminate or minimize the predictable barriers to their success.

Who’s to say that you weren’t born to lead at this time!

If you are a male colleague or coach receiving this blog, please support women leaders you know by forwarding this opportunity to them.  We appreciate your support!

Best wishes to all!