Joie de Vivre Leadership Development

 Joie de Vivre Leadership Development is an original highly customized “whole woman approach” to leadership development. Women know that they bring their whole self to work. If they have a family problem, it will drain their energy or distracting them from work. If their family is thriving, they bring that joy to work. The healthier the life of the woman leader, the greater their capacity to focus on their success and that of their team and organization.
Given my personal joie de vivre and my expertise as an adult educator, a feminist couples’ and family therapist, an executive coach and mentor to women organizational leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide, a global leader myself, and spiritual seeker, I’m in a unique position to offer this comprehensive development program. Since my late twenties, I intentionally developed all aspects of my self and made courageous efforts to eliminate fear, conditioning, limiting beliefs, and all else that stood in the way of experiencing the joy of life.

Now I have developed a system for helping you to live the JoyFULL life while you become the leader you want to be.

Topics to be explored, in order if significance to you, in creating your JoyFULL Life:

  • Evaluating where you are on the “JoyFULL Life Continuum”
  • Being true to yourself: Your Values
  • Growing your talents as a leader
  • Eliminating or minimizing your challenges as a leader including societal, organizational, and personal challenges
  • Breaking the habit of being too good for your own good
  • Imagining your JoyFULL life
  • Mining your longings
  • Exploring your enthusiasm
  • Fulfilling family
  • Creating your support network
  • Exploring and eliminating or minimizing all the challenges including feelings, thoughts, hesitations, limiting beliefs, realistic limitations that could interfere with achieving your Joy of Living.
  • Designing the JoyFULL Life.
  • Living the Joie de Vivre!

10 session package includes 10 one-hour meetings, all assessments, all materials, “just in time” check-ins, book recommendations, access to connections as appropriate 

Total fee ………………………………………………………………………………$3,500.00

If you would like to create a group and learn, grow, and have fun together, please contact me for discounted fees.

Let’s talk! Book a 30 minute meeting with me to assess if you want to work with me:

Contact me at OR +1. 240.305.7508

Joie de Vivre – “A cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit. It can be a joy of everything including conversation, eating, working, a philosophy of life.” – Wikipedia

Joie de Vivre means that even in the difficult times, our spirit is constant, and we can appreciate that we are alive and can still live, love, and learn. – Barrie Zucal

Pictures: me in spotlight at Global Good Fund Gala, Tom, my husband, and I on safari in South, Jess, my daughter and I discussing work, Our pups Megan, the Boston Terrier and Bodie the mix.


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