Good to Great Leadership Development for Women

Are you a woman leader who is ready for leadership development that invigorates you and enlarges your vision of who you are and what you can achieve? Are you ready for leadership development that is designed for women to help them to grow their strengths, deepen their understanding, and eliminate or minimize the predictable barriers women face on their leadership journeys?

The world is crying out for better leadership. Governments and business organizations face unprecedented challenges that require different world views and competencies to deal with these challenges. The world needs female energy, perspective, and priority setting in leadership in business, government, and society to create more opportunity and justice for all.

However, women in almost all societies are raised to be good, not great. Women are often raised to accommodate others and to serve rather than lead. This leadership development program is designed to provide a space where women leaders can develop their talents and gifts, apply them in their leadership roles, and close the gap between being good women and great leaders.

Good to Great Leadership Development is a 6-month program women leader who want to go for it. They are smart and willing to take on a challenge to grow and deepen so they can make a difference. This program includes sessions with specific topics, coaching/mentoring related to these topics, and coaching/mentoring in “real time” to address immediate challenges. This program includes customization for each woman leader or group to address specific needs. After the start up, sessions will occur approximately every two weeks.

Topics may include:

  • Clearing your space for optimal learning
  • Assessment and Feedback: including strengths, personality,
  • Good to Great Leadership assessment, feedback from family and friends, and review of existing assessment data
  • Family Genogram: Understanding Patterns and Power Dynamics
  • Legacy leadership goal setting
  • Eliminating or minimizing the predictable societal, organizational, and individual barriers to leadership success for women
  • Spirited and soulful leadership
  • Setting boundaries
  • Leveraging differences for better business results
  • Developing a stakeholder orientation
  • Becoming a woman of influence


Investing money and spending time on yourself is a powerful motivator. It says that you are worth it in a big way. It is a declaration that you are proactive and take responsibility for your success and the quality of your leadership.

The fee for your woman-centered individual leadership development program is …………………. $7,500.00
Fees can be paid before the program begins or billed monthly for 6 months.

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